Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 CLEL Bell Award

Puddle by Hyewon Yum has won the 2017 CLEL Bell Award for the Talk category.

Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL), an advisory group to the Colorado State Library, created the Bell Awards in 2012 to recognize five high quality picture books that provide excellent support and/or modeling of early literacy development in young children.

Please find attached a copy of the Activity Sheet designed by the CLEL Bell Award Committee for Puddle. This activity sheet can be used by parents, teachers and caregivers to develop early literacy skills when they share Puddle with young children. The sheet is also available on the CLEL website   


  1. congrats to Hyewon Yum for winning the 2017 CLEL Bell Award! his work is truely outstanding and are great reads for young children! they are educational and fun to read!

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