Thursday, September 25, 2014

review from BCCB

The twins from The Twins’ Blanket (BCCB 10/11) have returned, and they’re still not very good at sharing, especially sharing their mother (“We have only one mom. This is a big problem”). Now there’s a new little sister, and the twins don’t have much mom attention to fight over, so what do they do? Fight about taking care of their little sister, of course (“The only problem now is we need another one”). It’s refreshing to see a new baby book that focuses on the effect on existing sibling dynamics, and the strong-willed twosome, with the text entirely their dialogue, continues to be authentically endearing and annoying at the same time. Yum’s il- lustrations are spare and airy, with casually careful compositions making clear the childlike ease of the drafting is a deliberate choice; daubs of warm-toned paint (the kids are glowingly rosy-cheeked) gain rhythm from occasional uses of pattern, as in the girls’ polka-dotted dresses. Kids similarly afflicted with the requirement to share will find kindred spirits in the twins. DS

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