Wednesday, October 27, 2010

review from Booklist

There Are No Scary Wolves.
Yum, Hyewon (Author) , Yum, Hyewon (Illustrator)
Oct 2010. 40 p. Farrar, hardcover, $16.99. (9780374380601).
Sick of waiting and waiting for Mom to find her keys, a little boy imagines venturing out alone in his city
neighborhood, in which he envisions that everyone is a wolf. He is afraid of the gigantic scary wolf at the
Chinese restaurant, as well as the heavily bearded wolf with sharp nails in the toy store: “Scary wolves are
everywhere.” When Mom is finally ready, he walks out with her, feeling safe at last. Later, though, his
imagination kicks in again. Looking out the window, the boy sees wolves delivering mail, riding bikes,
and walking in high heels. Always true to a young child's viewpoint, the unframed collages show
nightmarish distortions just on the edge of realism, and the frightening scenes are not only outside;
sometimes Mom can look scary, as when she carries laundry piled so high it covers her face. Even the boy
himself can look monstrous! Balancing elemental terrors with reassuring scenes of safety, this inventive
title has fun with everyday fears in ordinary places.
— Hazel Rochman

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